Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management

IT, and any other technologies businesses depend on, depend themselves on a vast interconnected web of suppliers with varying degrees of outsourcing and different processes of design and distribution.

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Every dot in that connected web is a chance for cyberattackers to compromise.

The practices and strategies that enable those suppliers to innovate quickly and keep costs down can give smart cybercriminals a way to breach existing security and possibly compromise further suppliers or even the end user.

And while each supplier in the chain typically thas their own cybersecurity solutions in place, Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) is the subset of cybersecurity that watches over the entire chain from beginning to end.

Empower Solutions is an authorized partner of multiple IT manufacturers in their federal channel programs which protect the security of the federal supply chain.

We are a trusted member of the federal distributor community, providing end-to-end customer support to ensure timely delivery and fulfillment of federal contracts.

We actively participate in Small Business Supplier Programs with all of the major federal systems integrators as well as niche solutions providers.

Strategic Partnerships

Empower maintains strategic partnerships across the industry to meet all government contracting requirements including GSA IT70, NASA SEWP V, ITES-3S, DHS CDM DEFEND, and those arising from Small Business Administration programs.