Cybersecurity Solutions

Transform your organization and safeguard your critical assets with security solutions that solve real business issues with enterprise cybersecurity solutions.

Software programs alone are not enough to keep cyberthreats at bay, and cybersecurity is not a “set it and forget it” matter. Staying protected requires innovation and expertise to keep one step ahead of whatever threats are out there.

Network Forensics and Security

Detect threats and get alerts with the network security deployment scenario that is right for you, whether in-line or out of band, onsite, offsite or mixed, and other options.

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Our sandboxing solutions combine statistical, heuristic, and code analysis, along with emulation, machine learning, and lessons from recent major breaches around the world.

We deliver context-heavy, high-fidelity alerts to minimize false positives.

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Email Security

Email Security is the primary avenue for most advanced attacks, and a secure email gateway is an extra line of defense catch threats that other solutions didn’t.

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Our security gateway is designed to learn and block new attack methods based on real-world investigations of cyber-criminals and geopolitical adversaries, and it constantly adapts its defense methods based on new intelligence.

It blocks threats inline to minimize alert fatigue, allowing security teams to manage policies and response more effectively.

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Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security uses intelligence, behavior, and signature methods to prevent or detect unauthorized use of the tablets, mobile devices, and workstations of end users.

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Our endpoint security solutions now include machine learning to stay ahead of attackers. We gather data on endpoint activity on an ongoing basis to identify threats and isolate compromised devices.

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SIEM and Security Orchestration

To stay secure and detect threats faster, a security management platform collects unlimited log data to flag unusual activity for analysis.

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User and entity behavior analytics learns which interactions are normal and which are suspicious, and reduces the time between an attack and your response.

We can deliver these services onsite or remotely on cloud infrastructure.

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Data Lake And Enterprise Data Warehouse

A data lake is an open, come one come all place for data storage. It lacks structure and can be hard to use for querying on a mass scale.

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It is the the free-spirited small counterpart to a data warehouse, which is more structured, less easy going in nature, and makes querying easier.

The data lake can serve as the first step to getting data from its origin into a data warehouse.

Security Instrumentation and Validation

Security solutions are only as good as their instrumentation, and Verodin is the first security instrumentation platform that lets you see and explain cybersecurity effectiveness with measurable, trackable data.

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It generates data from testing controls effectiveness, autonomously tracks activity compared to normal baseline activity, and identifies both security gaps and redundancies.

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Incident Response

Attacks can be a big money drain if not dealt with fast.

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Our response Mandiant solution by FireEye fields responders in at least 30 countries with adversary (what we know about recent attackers), victim (what vulnerabilities are particular to your industry) and MVX-driven intelligence to shut down attacks and investigate intrusions.

From technical response to branding crisis management, our goal is to get your business up and running ASAP.

Threat Hunting

Through red team assessment, you can test the strength of your security in a controlled environment by having a “red team” of security professionals attack it.

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Our Mandiant solution comes with a detailed report of all vulnerabilities found and recommendations for immediate fixes and long term improvement.

Security Assessment

The Security Program Assessment is a consultation with security experts about the strength of your security. 

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It also includes briefings with your business’s executives, observations and analysis of vulnerabilities, an improvement plan and security roadmap, and workshops for your employees.

Managed Security Services (MSS)

MDR, or Managed Detection and Response, is remotely based cybersecurity solutions provided as an as-needed service.

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It provides proactive threat hunting, rapid containment of attacks, incident investigation and response, access to experienced MDR consultants and analysts, and fast remediation while your business complies with breach notification regulations.