Cloud Migration Solutions

A successful cloud migration means choosing the right kind of cloud (public, private, or hybrid), and in what order to migrate assets, all to bring the business impact of the process down to zero. We have solutions to fit a wide variety of needs.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security is the name for security solutions that apply specifically to cloud computing.

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It emphasizes achieving visibility, meaning getting to look at enough events across your cloud infrastructure to see what normal activity looks like and who and where threats come from.

It protects credentials with features like geo-feasibility, which detects login attempts from locations where an authorized user shouldn’t be. Our solution by FireEye also detects risky or bad cloud configurations that attackers could exploit.

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DevOps Security

DevOps Security is the process of safeguarding the software development environment through technology, strategies, and processes.
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DevOps teams usually want to develop as fast as they can, but that can leave security weak and security teams racing to catch up. DevOps security solutions build security into the process itself.

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Kubernetes, or K8s, is a platform for orchestrating containers for traffic and scaling as necessary, to make sure applications perform at their smoothest.

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Our solution automates the otherwise manual job of inputting thresholds and autoscaling policies, stitches K8s to the underlying infrastructure, and manages resources for any upstream version of K8s.

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FedRAMP Acceleration

Federal regulations require that any vendors who sell applications to federal government customers comply with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, (FedRAMP).

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This poses a regulatory and time burden, but our solution, (FAAS) from ORock Technologies, enables Independent Software Vendors to get authorized to sell Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) applications to government customers and compliant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

ISVs can accelerate the authorization process and save time and money while staying secure and getting to market faster.

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